1st birthday invitation card in English | Children First Birthday Invitation card plp editing | birthday plp banner editing

 1st birthday invitation card in English | Children First Birthday Invitation card plp editing | birthday plp banner editing


A first birthday is the first birthday of a baby. It is traditionally celebrated with parties and gifts. A first birthday, also known as a first birthday party, is a day that marks the first year of a child's life. It is usually celebrated with parties, cakes, gifts and with family and friends. A child's age is one year on their first birthday.

Children First Birthday Invitation card plp editing

Celebrating a first birthday is a special event that marks the first year of a child's life. On the same occasion, close ones are invited in a different way through First birthday invitation card, it is usually a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the child reaching one year of age. Overall, celebrating a first birthday is a time to cherish and remember the memories of the first year of a child's life and look forward to the years to come.

First Birthday Invitation card Design

You can choose the template or design you want for your digital invitation card, and add your child's name and date of birth to the invitation along with other important details like party date, time and location. You can choose the color scheme and font to match the theme of the party. You can add any photo or pictures of your baby that you want to include in the invitation. You can use photos of your child or add pictures or clip-art that match the theme of the party.

So in this, how to make a similar type of first birthday invitation card also in mobile, in this you have been told the complete information along with all the editing materials needed in this. Also, to make the card, you will need some applications in your mobile, those applications also need to be installed in your mobile.

In this we have given you two designs, out of which you can edit any one of the designs in your mobile, while you can edit as many texts as you have been given in it in a very simple way. Also, if you have a photo of your baby, you can also add it in this.

Children First Birthday Invitation card plp 01 

First Birthday Invitation card PLP Editing

If you want to open the Pixellab app, there is a download button below the First birthday invitation card PLP design, by clicking on that download button you have to download the PLP file. To add the downloaded PLP file, there is a process that you need to follow.

After the PLP file is added to the Pixellab app, you want to edit it, then you can edit the text that appears in the design in a very simple way, then click on the text that you want to edit, click on the option of A at the bottom and select the Edit option. After that, after deleting the first text, you can type the text you want to type and click on OK button above. 

So you have to edit all the text that you have given in the same way, if you want to change the font of that tax then you can do that too, then click on the text of which you want to change the font and go to the option of A. Click on, and you can select any Font from it.

If you want to change the color of any text in this, then you can change the color of that text by clicking on the color option.

Children First Birthday Invitation card plp 02 

If you want to add a photo in the first birthday invitation card, then you can do that too, for that you have to click on the plus sign above and click on from gallery, select the photo from your gallery and keep its Accept Ratio 1:1, and Crop in a circle, after selecting the photo, set the photo in the frame as shown in Design.

Of course! Creating a first birthday invitation card is a delightful way to celebrate a special one in life. Here is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide to help you through the process.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What information should be included on the invitation card?

  Include the necessary details such as the child's name, date, time and place of the party. Mention RSVP details and if there is a theme, dress code or any special instructions.

2. How do I choose a theme for invitations?

It offers 2 different designs, you can choose any one of them, or choose a design similar to your birthday theme.

3. What should be the size and format of the invitation card?

Standard invitation sizes are about 5x7 inches. You can create a digital invitation for online sharing or a physical invitation for mailing. Make sure the format is convenient for printing or sharing.

4. Where can I find design inspiration?

Find inspiration on websites like Pinterest, or invitation design platforms. You can get designs or ideas as per your choice.

5. Can I include a photo of the birthday boy?

Yes, adding a cute photo of the birthday boy can personalize the invitation and make it more special.

6. When do I send the invitations ?

Send invitations at least 4-6 days in advance, especially if it's a physical invitation that needs to be mailed.

7. How do I track RSVP ?

Include an RSVP date and provide options for guests to respond, such as email, phone, or an online RSVP platform.

8. Any tips for wording an invitation?

Keep wording simple and clear. Include time, date wise and who, what, when, where, and any additional details. You can add a catchy rhyme or phrase to make it more catchy.

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