beauty parlour visiting card design | Beauty parlour poster design | Beauty parlour banner PLP

 beauty parlour visiting card design | Beauty parlour poster design | Beauty parlour banner PLP

 A beauty parlor, also known as a beauty salon or beauty spa, is a place where people can undergo various beauty and grooming treatments to improve their appearance and health. These establishments are typically run by trained professionals called beauticians or cosmetologists. If yours is a beauty parlor shop, then in this we will see how to make Beauty parlor business card in mobile, its entire process is mentioned below. In that you can include the services offered in your beauty parlour.

Beauty parlour banner PLP

Beauty parlour banner PLP

 So below are some of the common services offered in some beauty parlors include:

1. Hair care: haircuts, hairstyles, hair coloring, highlights, hair treatments (such as conditioning or deep conditioning), hair extensions and hair removal (such as waxing or threading).

2. Skincare: Facials, exfoliation, masks, acne treatments and various other facial services.

3. Nail care: manicure (for hands) and pedicure (for feet), nail art, gel nails, acrylic nails and nail extensions.

4. Makeup: Professional makeup application for special occasions like wedding, party or photo shoot.

5. Massage: Various types of massage such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy etc.

6. Physical Treatments: Exfoliation, body wraps and other treatments designed to improve the skin and improve the skin.

7. Eyebrow and eyelash services: Eyebrow shaping, threading, tinting, eyelash extensions and perming.

8. Tanning: Tanning beds or spray tanning services for those who want to achieve a tanned skin tone.

9. Bridal Package: A customized beauty package for brides including makeup, hair and other treatments for their special day.

Many beauty parlors also sell beauty products and cosmetics, allowing customers to purchase items to maintain their look at home.

It's worth noting that regulations and offerings may vary by country or region, as beauticians may have different licensing requirements and specific guidelines for the services they can offer. Can provide safe and high-quality services. 

Beauty parlour business card download


As shown in this, you can also make Beauty Parlor banner design in your mobile in a simple way, for this you need to download some files like PNG images and PLP file, then you have to save the file in your mobile by clicking on the download button given at the bottom of this post, after saving the file, it is Zip file la Extract, you can edit the Beauty parlor PLP file in that folder in mobile. Its complete process is given below. 


Beauty parlour banner PLP editing


To make Beauty parlor banner business card in mobile, you are given a Beauty parlor banner business card PLP file in this, using that file you can make it in your mobile in very easy steps.

So you have to install the Pixellab app in your mobile and add the PLP file given below in it, then open it, then we have given you a Beauty parlor banner card PLP file, you have to add that file in it.

So to add, you can see the blog in this, and like that PLP file should be added to your Pixellab app. So that you can edit the file.
How to add PLP file in Pixellab

After adding Beauty parlor banner business card in Pixellab app you want to edit it. So you can edit the text that you see in it. So the font you have applied to it is English font, then you can edit it there.

You have to click on the text which you want to Edit Replace, click on the option of A at the bottom and then click on the pencil-like icon Edit. After clicking, a new window will open, if you want to delete the first text in it, then you can type your text.



beauty parlour visiting card design

Download PLP FIle

If you want to add your own photos to it, you can do that too. For that, you have to select the design and add it to the Pixellab App, click on the + plus sign above and click on From Gallery, you have to select the photo you have taken from your gallery and do OK.

After editing the entire Beauty parlour banner PLP, click on the save button given above in the app to save, set the image size and click on save to gallery. 

So in this way you can make beauty parlor business card in your mobile in a very easy way. If you don't understand any of the steps or have any problem while editing, then we have uploaded the complete tutorial on our YouTube channel, you can go there and follow the steps to make your design.  

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