Mobile shop visiting card in mobile | Mobile shop business card PLP | Mobile shop poster

 Mobile shop visiting card in mobile | Mobile shop business card PLP | Mobile shop poster

   A mobile shop is a retail store that sells mobile phones, smartphones and its related accessories in a shop. These stores offer a wide range of mobile phone brands, models and accessories to suit different customer preferences and budgets. If you have a mobile shop, you can make a business card of your mobile shop and add the services you provide to it, and you can reach it in the form of printing cards to create a different identity for your shop to reach many people. .

Mobile shop business card PLPMobile shop business card PLP

Mobile shop banner card design

So in this you can make the Mobile shop business card of your mobile shop in a very easy way, the required PLP file is given below, you have to download and extract that file. And you can add and edit the Mobile shop business card in the PLP Pixellab app.

In that, you can type all the information about the services you provide in your shop in a notepad. Here are some common features and services you can add to a mobile shop business card.

  1. Mobile Phone Sales: Mobile shops offer a variety of mobile phone brands, models and configurations. You should generally have display or demo units available to customers before they buy.

  2. Accessories: Mobile shops also sell a range of accessories like phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, headphones, bluetooth devices, power banks and more. These accessories are often compatible with many phone models.

  3. SIM Card and Recharge Services:
Many mobile shops provide SIM cards for various mobile service providers. They can also help with recharge services by allowing customers to top up their prepaid mobile connections.

  4. Repair and Servicing:
Some mobile shops have technicians who can repair or service mobile phones. They can help with issues like cracked screens, battery replacements, software updates, and hardware repairs.

  5. Trade-in and upgrade:
Some mobile shops offer trade-in programs where customers can exchange their old phones for a discount on a new purchase. Additionally, they may have upgrade options that allow customers to trade in their current device for a newer model.

  6. Customer Support: Mobile shops usually have staff members who can help customers with their queries, provide product information and help with technical support.

  7. Warranty and Insurance: Mobile shops can offer warranty services for the devices they sell. They may also offer insurance or extended warranty options to protect against accidental damage or theft.

8. Loan and EMI: You can sell mobile phones to customers in your shop through loan or EMI. So there are many EMI companies, which are loan providers. You can mention the one you have among them.

  While looking for a mobile shop, consider factors like reputation, customer reviews, price, after-sales service and range of products available. Enter an address where your mobile shop customers can easily find it.

Mobile shop business card design freeMobile shop business card PLP 01

Mobile shop business card design free download PLP file

In this we have given you two different mobile shop card designs. You can download any one of those designs in your mobile, you are given a download button below that design to download.

After clicking on it, a new page will open, if you have a Zip file in that page, you want to save it in your mobile. After the file is saved, the file needs to be extracted. After extracting, you can edit the Mobile shop card design PLP file in it.

Pixellab app should be installed in mobile to add PLP file. And to follow the process given below.

Mobile shop card PLP file Editing in mobile

After installing the Pixellab app in the mobile, the app should be opened. In that you want to add the PLP file from the download given below, follow its process.

  • Click on the three dots above in the App and click on Open Dot PLP
  •  Once the new page opens again click on .PLP in it.
  •  In the file manager that will open, select Mobile shop card PLP file from the folder where you have extracted the file.
  •  Open and add file so that your file is added to it.


After adding the file you need to edit it.

You can edit the text that appears in it like your shop name and shop address as well as your name and phone number, for that you have to click on any text.

After clicking on the text, you have to come to option A and click on edit. You want to delete the first text and type your text, and click OK. So you can edit as much as you have in it in the same way.


Best Mobile Shop visiting card design

Mobile shop business card PLP 02

 Download PLP 02

After complete editing you want to save your card, for that you have to click on save option above and save to gallery.

If you don't understand any of the steps or have any problems while editing, then we have uploaded the complete tutorial on our YouTube channel, and you can go there and follow the steps to make your design. 
Watch Video Tutorial 

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