Photography business card PLP | Photography business card making

 Photography business card PLP | Photography business card making

 Photography is the art, science and art of capturing and creating images using a camera. It involves technical skills, creativity and aesthetic judgment to create visually appealing and meaningful photographs.

  From the early days of film cameras to the modern digital age, photography has evolved significantly over the years. With the advancement of technology, digital cameras have become widely available, making photography more popular and appealing to a wider audience. for that

Photography business card PLP

  Photography business type

  1. Portrait Photography :
Focusing on capturing personality and expression, of one person or multiple persons.

  2. Landscape Photography :
Capturing the beauty of natural or man-made landscapes, such as mountains, forests or cityscapes.

  3. Wildlife Photography :
Photographs are taken of animals and their natural habitats and their movements.

  4. Macro Photography :
Capturing the smallest objects or details on a large scale, revealing patterns.

  5. Street Photography :
Capturing candid moments of everyday life in public places.

  6. Fashion photography :
Emphasis on clothing, accessories and style, often used for advertising or editorial purposes.

  7. Documentary Photography :
Telling stories or photographing real life events, social issues or historical moments.

  8. Architectural Photography :
Capturing buildings, structures and architectural details.

  9. Sports Photography :
Capturing action-packed moments in various sporting events.

  10. Still life photography :
arranging and photographing inanimate objects like food, flowers or everyday objects.

11. Wedding photographer : Photo shoot is done specially in wedding ceremony.

12. Indoor and Out Door Photo-shoot : Photographs are taken of a person or someone else in a beautiful environment.

  Photography requires an understanding of composition, lighting, exposure and post-processing techniques. Many photographers use software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to enhance and refine their images.

  Apart from traditional photography, mobile photography has gained considerable popularity due to the emergence of smartphones equipped with high-quality cameras. Many photography enthusiasts and professionals now use their smartphones to capture and edit images and share them on social media platforms.

  Overall, photography is a versatile and meaningful medium that allows individuals to capture and share moments, express emotions, and tell stories through visual imagery. It can be a hobby, a business or a means of creative expression for many people.

Photography business card Editing PLP file

 We are going to see how to make photography business card in mobile, for that you have been given a photography business card PLP file, using that file you can make it in your mobile in very easy steps.

So you have to install the Pixellab app in your mobile and add the file given below in it, then open it, then we have given you a Photography business card PLP file, you have to add that file in it.

So to add, you can see the blog in this, and like that PLP file should be added to your Pixellab app. So that you can edit that file very easily.

 After adding the photography business card to the Pixellab app, you want to edit it. So you can edit the text that you see in it. So the font you have applied to it is English font, then you can edit it there.

 Click on the text which you want to Edit Replace, click on the option of A at the bottom, then you will see a pencil like icon, click on it to Edit. After clicking, a new window will open, if you want to delete the first text in it, then you can type your text.

 So you can also change the background that you have used in this, for that you have to click on the top three dots and click on use image from gallery. After that you have to select the background you have saved in your gallery and OK, you have to select the background in the same resolution.

If you want to add your own photos to it, you can do that too. For that, you have to select the design and add it to the Pixellab app, click on the + plus sign above and click on From Gallery, you have to select the photo you have taken from your gallery and do OK.

Photography business card

Download PLP File

Then delete the first photo in it and then add your photos there. For that, you have to click on the photo and click on the Edit option below and then click on the option of Back. So that after the photo goes to the back side of that background, you will see the first photo as it was.

So in this way you can make photography business card in your mobile in a very easy way. If you don't understand any of the steps or have any problem while editing, then we have uploaded the complete tutorial on our YouTube channel, you can go there and follow the steps to make your design. 

After completing all the steps given above and editing your card, you want to save it, for that click on the save button given above in the app, then when a new page opens, select the size and image quality and click on save to gallery.

So in this way you can make your Photography business card in your mobile.

Make sure there are no errors or mistakes before printing. With a well-designed and informative business card, you can attract more customers to your 
Photography business card, and generate buzz about your business.
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