Naming ceremony invitation card Editing | Namkaran samarambh invitation card PLP

 Naming ceremony invitation card Editing | Namkaran samarambh invitation card PLP

A Naming ceremony is a special event that celebrates the giving of a new name to a new baby, and their families and relatives come together to celebrate the start of a boy or girl's life and a meaningful and memorable day to honor their name. Namakaran Samarambh The A naming ceremony is also held a few months after the birth of the baby, i.e. after 6 months, or after completing a year, i.e. on his first birthday. In this event, close relatives and friends are invited. So you can send the same invitation digitally.


Naming ceremony invitation card plp

Set a date, time and place for the naming ceremony. Record them all in a note pad, you will find it easy for editing, and in this you are given two different types of designs, you can select any one design, and save it in your mobile and edit it.

Naming ceremony invitation card

To edit the naming ceremony invitation card, a file is given below, you need to download and extract it in your mobile, and you can edit the Naming ceremony invitation card PLP file in your mobile, for this you need to install Pixellab app in your mobile. want to take In that you can make your naming ceremony invitation card in a very easy way, for that you will need some PNG file and PLP file which we have given you in this. Also below you are given the complete process of file editing, you can follow it.

Namkaran samarambh invitation card Editing

▶ You have to install Pixellab app in your mobile, it is available on google playstore.

▶ After installing the app, you need to add the Naming ceremony PLP file given in this.

▶If you see three dots at the top of the app to add a file, click on those dots and click on the Open Dot PLP option, again a new window will open, then you need to click on the .PLP option at the top.

▶ Now in your file manager, where you have saved the file, or where the file has been extracted, open and add that file by selecting it.

▶ After adding the Naming ceremony invitation card PLP file, you can edit the text in it.

▶ Then you have to click on the text you want to edit. After that click on A Option and click on Edit, now you can edit that text.

▶ First of all delete the first text in it and type your text. And click on OK above.

▶ So in this way you can edit all the text that you want to edit.

▶ If you want to change the font of that text, then you have to click on that text and click on the option of 'Ab Font' in the A option. You will see many fonts in it and you can select any one of them.

Naming ceremony invitation card 
Naming ceremony invitation card

▶ Similarly, it contains the color of the text. It can also be changed, for that you have to click on the color option in option A again, from which you can select any color according to your choice. You can only select the color according to your background.

▶ If you want to add PNG images or photos in it, then click on the + icon given above. After that you can add the PNG images you want from your gallery.

▶ After following all the steps given above and after editing your card, you can save it in your gallery. For that, click on the save button given above in the app, after that, when a new page opens, select the size and image quality and click on save to gallery.


To download Pixellab PLP File click on Go To Download on the below download button, after that wait for 10 sec, again click on the same button Download File will be done.

So in this way you can make your Naming ceremony invitation card in your mobile.

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